Predator and Prairie Dog Hunts

Predator/Prairie Dog hunting:  Shoot Predators/Prairie dogs on the rolling prairies and canyons located above the North Loup River valley.  These hunts are semi-guided so you will be shown the canyons/prairie dog towns and then shoot on your own.  Lodging and meals can be provided, see below for pricing and packages.

2021 Prairie Dog Hunts

Pricing and packages:
Shooting is $200 per day.  Additional $40 per day lodging and $50 per day for meals.

 Testimonials:  May 13, 2010, Chad Duckworth, Arkansas, “Had a wonderful time shooting prairie dogs.  Couldn’t have asked for better weather.  Hopefully we left a few!  Awesome Food!  Thanks for a great stay.”

May 13, 2010, Jim, Jared and Larry Nance, Arkansas, “Had a great time.  Excellenct cook and great food.  Thanks for an enjoyabletime.”

May 20, 2010, Paul Greaney and Jim Coakley, Illinios, “Prairie dog hunting had a blast and can’t wait to come again next year.  Thanks for a great time.”

May 27, 2010, Kirk Brookshire, David and Zach Vick, Larry Hillis and Terry Martin, Georgia, “Thanks for another enjoyable vacation.”

June 1, 2010, Steve and Patrick Parten, Tennesee, “Great shooting and hospitality once again.  Thanks for the nice time.”  Justin Tull and Christa Bass, Tennesee, ” Wish we could stay longer.  See you next year!”

June 5, 2010, the John Fritchley family and Jimmy Coomes, Indiana, “The hunting wasn’t bad, but don’t get rid of the COOK!  Thanks!  Jimmy gained at least five pounds!”

August 3, 2010, Kip Haddix and Brian Dittle, Illinios, “Thank you Errol and Marilyn.  I had a great time and enjoyed meeting you, staying at the lodge and hunting.  All the best!

September 29, 2010, Joe Isaia, Illinios, “The dog shooting was fantastic-they’re everywhere.  Hospitality was great- food was outstanding, house was cozy, warm and comfortable.  Life is good when you can be outdoors-meet new friends and fire your rifle.  How good was it? I’d like to thank the academy Good!  You made this outing memorable one-I look forward to my return.”


Youth Hunts:  In the interest of promoting youth hunting, a youth 16 and under cna hunt for one half price if accompanied by an adult paying the regular hunting fee.  Extra hunting and lodging days can be purchased if it doesn’t interfere with bookings of another party.

Amenities:  In your spare time/break time, we offer varmint and upland game hunting, in season, as part of your hunting package.  Hunt pheasant, quail, prairie chicken, rabbit, squirrel, prairie dogs and varmints such as raccoon, coyote and bobcat.  Bobcat hunting requires a furbearers license and is a winter season.